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Chemical resistant tile joint grout, epoxy, two-part

TS 5772-005-74321702-2010


Chemical resistant tile joint grout for joints of acid resistant tile, epoxy, two-part

TS 5772-005-74321702-2010


Tool is used for tile joints filling with epoxy tile joint grouts

Tile joint grout application

Epoxy tile joint grouts Himflex are strongly advised and recommended for:

  • ceramic tile,
  • natural and artificial stone,
  • clinker tile,
  • masonry,
  • wide tile jonts as the material has good adhesion and minimal shrinkag.
Epoxy tile joint grout Himflex

Himflex company produces two-part tile jont grouts on epoxy resin base. These tile joint grouts extremely differ from analogues in terms of easy preparation and easy application. They are suitable for operation with a wide range of modern and classical finishing materials.

Two-part epoxy tile joint grout has resistance to abrasive exposure. One of two-part tile joint grout key features is its resistance to aggressive chemicals. Material easily withstands temperature changes, does not crumble, has resistance to mechanical impacts. It is perfect for application in premises with normal and high humidity, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the toilets.