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Himflex company

established in 2005

We develop and produce anticorrosion compounds for the installation of protective coatings and chemical resistant floor.

The main production facility is located in Rodina settlement in Pskov district. Total area of workspace is 1500 m². For compounds production Himflex uses high-quality raw material from world-famous international producers. Our long-term experience and a range of technological solutions allow us to lower production costs and offer products with good money/value ratio.

Himflex products pass through obligatory laboratory incoming and final inspection. Our clients can be sure in production specification declared.

m² of storage facilities and industrial premises
tons of products sold per year
dealers in Russia and the CIS
years in business

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Problem of corrosion resistance enhancement and building structures durability stays very important in case of repairs or renovation on operating enterprises and on newly established. It is well known that all acids and many salts are aggressive towards cement stone. It is a well-known fact that all acids and big amount of salts are aggressive towards cement. This type of corrosion takes place more often and weathering is the most intensive. The most vulnerable substance in cement is lime. But lime binding (by means of SiO2) does not exclude corrosion because it can restore due to the derogation from calcium hydrates.

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