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TD-F 201

Modified cycloaliphatic low-viscosity hardener

TS 2433-013-74321702-2017

Metal barrel:
Original state: low-viscosity clear liquid with weak smell

Technical characteristics

Viscosity at 25 ° C
290 mPa.s*
Color according to The Gardner Colour scale
Density at 25 ° С
1,01 kg/l
Equivalent Weight
66 g
Recommended proportions for 100 m.p. epoxy resin
35 m.p.
Mixture with resin viability at 20° С
30 minutes
Thin film formation time at 25° С
4 hours
The heat distortion temperature (HDT) after hardening at 23° С
+60° С


TD-F 203 is used for liquid floors installation, solvent-free coatings, adhesives, caulking compounds, repair compositions for concrete.


TD-F 203 based coating has high chemical resistance, high adhesion to concrete, mechanical strength, high gloss and fast strength development at early hardening stages.


Hardener has weak hygroscopicity and so shall be stored in dry premises preferably in sealed original packaging. In these conditions expiration date is approximately 1 year.